Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Life That Gets God's Approval

I recently preached a message on the Beattitudes from Matthew 5:1-12 entittled "The Life that Gets God's Approval." Here are the key points...

What does it means to be blessed?
  • Blessed is your greatest need.
  • Blessed means so much more than happy.
  • Blessed means approved.
  • Blessed is something Christians ARE, not something Christians DO.
  • Blessed is God’s active, intentional transfer of His favor and grace on every Christian that reorients his values and attitudes.

Poor in Spirit
A deep sense of spiritual poverty.

Anguish of soul in response the depth of sin.

It is not so much the depth of sin that you commit, as much as the depth of your response to your sin that determines the outcome of your life.

Refusing to fight God when He uses conviction of sin or circumstances of life to reveal your need.

Hunger & thirst for righteousness
Satisfying God-given desires with God-approved means.

Treating those caught in sin with the same compassion God has shown me.

Pure in heart
Undivided passion produced by a cleansed past.

Those who mediate conflict for the purpose of reconciliation.

Being so secure in the approval of God you are willing to endure the disapproval of others with gladness.

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